The Roster

Starting out as a rap trio in early 2016, we quickly learned that the North-East of the UK had something special to offer. Making use of this opportunity we officially became a registered business and label in the summer of 2016 and never looked back.

Now Legitimate Anarchy Records boasts a catalogue of 4 signed artists and a resident DJ/Producer. Our goal is to get our music to reach all ends of the UK and eventually worldwide, boasting consistent and quality releases from all of our artists, whilst keepin' true to what makes those artists unique in the first place.


Samuel Hardy

Hailing from Blackpool, Sam is an interesting addition to the team, joining the label in early 2017, off the back of a freestyle video of Endem which sparked his attention. With an undeniable passion for all things musical, Sam's appreciation and knowledge of production continues to grow with every release.

Sam provides the label with a variety of instrumentals on a regular basis, as well as performing with the crew as our resident DJ.

King Tigaro

Matt Crossling

After hitting it off with LA Rapper Endem, King Tigaro has quickly become one of the most well known and well thought of members of Legitimate Anarchy Records.


King Tigaro has solidified himself as top-flight within the region and is well on his way to completing his third solo Ep after his last project Rosé was received with exceptional critical acclaim. Updates on his latest venture are soon landing. 

All artists signed to Legitimate Anarchy Records are available for both individual or group bookings,
please feel free to use the email below for all inquiries:


Nathan Miller

One of the two founding members of Legitimate Anarchy Records. Nathan has evolved his on-stage persona Endem, into a fully fledged artist. Boasting many local awards, a plethora of BBC airtime,numerous high profile local gig slots/headlines and a strong catalogue of projects in the past 3 years.

Going from strength to strength, Nathan looks to push himself even further than ever before in 2020 with ambitious set higher than ever...

Jonny Keay


The co-founder of Legitimate Anarchy Records, Jonny has a background in graphic design and had a passion for rap music since a very young age.


Jonny is instrumental in the aiding of running administrative tasks and creating design work along-side long time friend Nathan.  

Rex Regis

Louis Thomas

Following on from his 3rd solo album release, Endem reached out to Rex about joining the team and allowing us to put out his 4th project Parting Gift.

As a Newcastle based Artist/Producer for the past 10 years, Rex is a veteran of his craft and it shows though his work.

Although talks of his retirement have been circulating, Maybe retirement can wait just a little longer...


Rob Irish

Rob has been a strong supporter of the label since its conception, providing additional support to live performances and helping with contacts within the industry.

As of late Rob has taken on an even more active role working closely with Nathan on multiple projects, and providing services in both videography and photography, he has become a good friend and asset to everyone he works with.

Rex Regis

Louis Thomas

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